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Lin Grahame

I started Sanas-ancient wisdom around 18 years ago with the intention of providing massage and bodywork to both corporate and private sectors.  Since then I have come to realise that health and wellbeing of the wholebeing is what is important.

The more I learn, the more I think that wellbeing is linked to the connection of body mind and spirit and the real relaxation of all three.

I think that many aches and pains in the body are often caused by poor use of the body, posture that is not the best it can be, and long held tensions in body mind and spirit.
I am interested in helping people achieve the best use and alignment possible.  Also  the best relaxation and the best connection of body mind and spirit.  This is the basis of my  sessions and courses.

 All our classes and workshops have small numbers to allow us to give the best individual learning and attention to detail.

I have many years of movement study and experiential learning both from my teachers and my own imperfections!

With a background in Biochemistry and medical research, I wanted to spend my  time being of more use to people by actually working with people.  I trained in massage and bodywork and am fully qualified and insured for the following  sessions ans classes. 

Massage with Essential oils, Acupressure Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Healing, Hot Stone Massage, Aura Soma Colour work and  Pilates Exercise.

In 2000 I gained my City and Guilds Teaching qualification.  I have taught On-site Acupressure for the Academy of On-site Acupressure for several years.  I now also teach a variety of workshops based on knowledge I have gained on my journey.  I hope that some of you will come on one or two of these journey workshops with me.

I spent many years doing classes and performance in Contemporary, Jazz, and Flamenco Dance Styles. I danced with amateur companies, Offshoot, Suddenlylastsummer, and formed the Choreography Collective to provide bodies and a space for amateur dancers to experiement.  I studied to the third level of Margaret Morris Movement.  I also studied  movement techniques developed by Alexander, Feldenkrais and Pilates enabling me to learn more about movement patterns,  posture correction, relaxation and strength.

I did classes and workshops in other  types of dance and movement such as Five Rhythm Dance which work with movement from a more holistic and spiritual perspective.  I continue to attend classes in this type of movement with Open Floor sessions as well as Contemporary Dance Technique classes.
In 2009 I did  a Dance Movement Therapy Foundation course which was very enlightening and enjoyable.  I hope to continue my learning in this field.
I have developed new Movement  into Relaxation classes using some of the insights,knowledge and pure gems of inspiration that came from this work.

On June 21st 2010,  I underwent a total hip replacement of my right hip have recovered  well.

"The truly magical happens when physical techniques are used  and understood from a holistic perspective.
Everything we do affects us on  physical, mental , emotional and spiritual level
I believe that continual learning both personal and informative is a key to providing the best sessions for my clients both in 1-2-1 sessions and class/workshops.

 In December 2010 I completed the Nia technique white belt intensive training which enabled me to develope the Movement/Dance into Relaxation classes more.7

The training was a wonderful experience even if a bit tiring just 6months after my hip op!

Since then I have become a lot stronger and am really enjoying dancing again and looking forward to bringing  Dance into Relaxation back in to the services Sanas offers.

I have always beleived that dance has the ability to connect body mind and spirit and that connection leads to real relaxation, joy and peace!

I have two wondeful practitioners working with me in the Corporate Work

Valerie King 

Valerie is a Reflexologist and On-Site Acupressure practitioner.  FocalRelaxation

Neil Howell

Neil trained with me in the Acupressure technique and we share some of the corporate work.



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