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Sanas-ancientwisdom provides a wide range of sessions and classes specially developed for the workplace.


Companies can tailor these days to their own needs.

A typical day would include 1-2-1 massage sessions in acupressure or other massage along with group sessions in Pilates based Exercise, Stretching and Relaxation, Dance/movement, Holistic health, Relaxation/meditation. Introduction to Colour, How to Massage friends and family.

Introducing Guided Relaxation for Body Mind and Spirit

This is a new 30minute workplace session which takes the client on a guided relaxation of body through concentrated awareness of each part. There is background soft music and it can be done seated or lying down. An exercise mat will be available.  Relaxation of the mind and spirit follow physical release and the client is left feeling relaxed, lighter and refreshed.  Good for clients who feel their body is tensing up in response to their mind.  This session can be shared by two or more depending on room size.  Lin Grahame March 2014.


 A Dance into Relaxation class is great in the workplace to get people out of their chairs and moving.  To become aware of their body, mind and spirit.  More and more office based workplaces are realising that we are not designed to sit in the one position for long periods of time!  Dance improves wellbeing, breathing and blood flow and gets us out of small repetitive movement patterns that cause repetitive strain injuries and back, neck and shoulders problems.


Arrange a free Dance into Relaxation session  taster for your worksplace today!!

Seated,Clothed Acupressure Massage is the most accessible and most popular form of workplace session.  It has an immediate effect, demands no effort.  It improves blood flow, decreases muscle tension and stress.  It reduces blood pressure and heart rate. It lowers anxiety and depression and improves concentration and mood.  It leaves  the client relaxed but alert.  It can improve musculo-skeletal function especially when used alongside regular pilates sessions.

It is the most successful and cost effective way to combat stress and its effects.(Shulman Report 1996)

Massage in the Workplace-A Special Report by Gerry Pyves (www.nohandsmassage.com)



We offer regular on-site massage sessions in Acupressure (seated clothed massage),
Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Neck and Shoulder Massage with Essential oils, Reiki Healing  as well as 1-2-1 Pilates based exercise, stretching and relaxation during 30 minute sessions.

All the practitioners have many years of experience in the basic sessions but also have their own specialities which mean we can tailor the practitioner to your needs.

We offer a flexible service in length of the visit, sessions involved and payment method.

We visit all types of companies, large or small.

We specialise in 30minute sessions because we believe that time gives the client and practitioner time to relax and address the wider issue of a session that is both informative and a real health benefit to the wholebeing.  The management can feel assured that the sessions are useful in combating the health problems that cause sick days, loss of productivity and poor working environment.

We can offer the combination of acupressure massage and pilates based exercise, stretching and relaxation which proves so effective. (see below)

Pilates Based Exercise, Stretching and  Relaxation increase awareness of posture and how small changes can decrease the aches and pains caused by poor posture and long hours of computer or benchwork.  It can help with shoulder problems, back problems and can increase core strength and balance.

I have found that the combination of seated acupressure massage and pilates based exercise, stretching and relaxation has a longer lasting effect on muscular tensions and stresses amd strains.  Clients become more aware and active in their understanding of the causes and are more  able to help themselves between sessions.

Dance/Movement into Relaxation classes help people get out of their heads and  into their bodies and hence to feel more connected and energised. Long held tensions are released and people feel more relaxed and at peace with themselves and others.

 Practitioners and Teachers  are of the highest standard, fully qualified and insured for professional indemnity, malpractice and the playing of music to aid the therapeutic effect of the sessions.

Visits to the company are normally made on a regular basis giving clients the best way of realising the benefits.

One- off visits can be arranged for conferences, trade shows,  occupational health promotions, away days, stress management workshops etc. as well as Corporate Health/Wellbeing Days.

We easily fit into and augment any staff benefits that are already in place..

All we need is a room of approximately  six meters square and a car parking space.

A larger room is necessary for classes.

Practitioners can be booked for a minimum of  2 hours for massage (4sessions) 
Longer visits incorporate practitioner breaks which are not charged.

Flexibility in payment methods means that the company can choose to pay for the service, subsidise it, or give employees the time off only.

Prices are based on £18 per session and are  dependant on distance travelled, numbers and length of booking.

Class prices are based on an hourly rate and depend on numbers participating.

All prices   include :-

  • Travel and setting up the workplace
  • Supply of chair, consumable materials, music, aromatherapy oils and burner if appropriate and any other equipment necessary.
  • Practitioner/ teacher insurance
  • Individual confidential health cheques to insure the sessions are safe and beneficial to  individual clients.
  • Administration and promotion
  • Practitioner/teacher ongoing training workshops and updates to ensure the highest standard and up to date knowledge and practices are maintained
  • Practitioner first aid course updates also.

Many companies in Scotland are now investing in this service. By supporting and subsidising this very effective accessible service you are taking your company into the new millennium with heightened awareness of what makes good working relations and environment.

This is a  cost effective service with immediate results and no capital outlay required.
Useful in this year when recession may hit harder.

Please call 0131 629 3175 or email sanasancientwisdom@gmail.com for further information and to add your name to our mailing list.


mobile 07803402492


Companies can tailor these days to their own needs.

A typical day would include 1-2-1 massage sessions in acupressure or other massage  along with group sessions in Pilates based Exercise, Stretching and Relaxation, Dance/movement, Holistic health, Relaxation/meditation. .

Whilst seated, fully-clothed on the ultra-comfortable, ergonomically designed chair the client receives stimulation of a carefully selected range of acupressure points combined with gentle stretches of the back, neck and arms from a fully qualified practitioner.

How does it work?

It works through similar principles to acupuncture.  Energy flows in the body along meridians.  Our meridian system can become blocked or depleted by many influences, internal, external and miscellaneous.

This creates imbalance and eventually leads to disease.  From the principles of Chinese medicine, stimulating specific points along the meridians with positive pressure balances the energy flow and tones the body.  The whole body/mind spirit system is encouraged to heal itself before disease arises.

The gentle massage and stretching techniques also stimulate blood and lymph flow, dispersing blocked energy and easing the tense tight muscles which give discomfort and pain.


The ancient origins of OSM go back 5000 years to the Japanese bodywork system called Anma, literally meaning press and rub.  More recently in the 1980s entrepreneur David Palmer began giving short sessions to
employees at Apple computers.  It was so successful that he went on to have the chair specifically designed.

Now there are over 7000 practitioners in the USA and the UK is fast catching up. OSM is benefiting many companies here including Telewest, British Geological Survey and the Scottish Funding Council for further
and higher education.

Benefits with regular use

  • lowered blood pressure
  • lowered pulse rate
  • reduced muscle tension
  • relaxed and calm mind and body
  • increased energy
  • focused concentration
  • creation of a sense of well-being by balancing the systems of the body
  • can increased productivity and decreased absenteeism with regular use

Indian Head Masssage at work

Sanas has developed a shorter 25 minute session of the relaxing Indian Head Massage treatment specifically for the workplace. This can be used as an alternative to the on-site acupressure sequence and is designed
to be relaxing and head-clearing but at the same time leaving the client more alert and focused to return to work in a good mind!

Massage with essential oils in the workplace

A relaxing neck and shoulder massage using essential oils can be carried out on the on-site chair or even on an office chair, It takes the same appointment time as the acupressure on Indian Head Massage.

It works on the neck and shoulders, unclothed, using a mixture of essential oils in a carrier oil.  You will need to come prepared to remove your top and with your own towel.

Reflexology for the workplace

Working on the feet to relax and balance

Reiki Healing and Balancing

Bringing universal energy to the energy centers and areas of tension and pain to give relief  healing and balance

Pilates Matwork for the Workplace ( stretching and relaxation)

Pilates matwork can be done in classes or 1-2-1 sessions.

One to one or one to two sessions of pilates can allow the individual to learn his or her particular posture and ways of moving that cause aches pains and injuries resulting from imbalance of muscle groups.  Specific exercises and stretches are given for the individual

The slow controlled exercises allow the attention to detail and correctness that bring results!

One to one sessions are very useful to then get the most out of a larger class. A 30 minute session can be done in the workplace to give a quick posture assessment and learn the most useful exercises to
combat workplace aches and pains.

Dance/Movement into Relaxation

The aim of these workshops is to free body mind and spirit and reconnect them through the use of  movement to music

  The senses are a potent way to gain entry to the wholebeing.  Hearing sound is a form of vibrational balancing and healing, as is looking at a beautiful view, your favourite colour or smelling an uplifting scent.

The body is a vehicle to become aware of stresses that can manifest as tensions or dis-ease

Become aware of how you feel and forget how you look

Regular movement boosts physical awareness and intelligence.  Creativity and intuition are also developed.

The wholebeing is better able to experience real relaxation after these sessions

Feelings of wellbieng and balance are restored

Connection to others in increased

A great way to manage stress!

"Everybody is a dancer, it's in our bones"




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